Theresa Sundt with “The CHASE Mural”

Theresa Sundt is an internationally recognised Greek artist based in the UK. She is a certified colour therapist working with painting, weaving and collage and regularly presents at conferences around the world on the subject of Colour Light Therapy She is known for her Birthday Colour Portraits and Nine Colour Personality cards and is the author of three books The Art Of Colour Therapy, Know Your Colour Personality and ‘Tried And Tested Colour Therapy Treatments‘. The latter includes a specially developed colour therapy torch designed by Sundt, which is accompanied by seven coloured lenses. The book describes 22 step-by-step treatments for daily ailments, from headaches to sleeping difficulties.

Colour Therapy Torch designed by Theresa Sundt

Based on Peter Mandel’s colourpuncture approach, maps of acupressure points and colours to be applied to them safely guide you through each treatment. Because coloured light has instant effects on our energy, it takes just a few minutes to feel rebalanced and attain wellbeing. The pocket size torch with its seven high saturation glass filters allows you to carry out healing at any time and in any place. The 22 Tried and Tested Treatments in the book can be used on adults, babies and children, with clear instructions. Find out more here.

“The CHASE Mural”

Theresa was commissioned to create The CHASE mural for the children’s play area in a hospice for sick children. She created a rainbow full of creatures big and small, for the children, their siblings, parents, carers and staff, to enjoy it while absorbing the spectrum’s energy. She has also created a number of performances working with her own colourful puppet characters.

Colour Weaving Workshop

Theresa leads workshops around the world including her popular masterclasses at the world-renowned Skyros Retreat in Greece. She also offers “Colour Analysis” consultations.

“Our cells generate vital energy from light. Colour and Light therapy balance and replenish this energy in a non invasive way. Light has been proven to be actively involved in regulating different bio chemical processes in our body. Each part of the body absorbs a certain wavelength of light and this wavelength streams down the energy channels all the way to the individual cells. We are beings of light, and regulating the information embodied in the natural energy of light addresses imbalances that we call ‘illness’ and restore the harmony which we call health.”