Ochre Universe from A Cure for Concrete

Sujata Majumdar is a British visual artist based in Amsterdam, working in a range of media to investigate notions of pattern formation. As Crossing Parallels artist-in-residence at Delft University of Technology she worked with photography and concrete to explore living and non-living weathering patterns on the environment. She sees these as co-creations between man-made and nature, which seem to transcend scale and shift boundaries, as nature reclaims attempts at control and colonisation.

Installation (live experiment) of A Cure for Concrete at TodaysArt Festival 2019

With her first field of study being Physics, science is still at the core of much of what she does. The intersection of cultures and disciplines drives her artistic endeavour, pushing her to hybridise, engage in dialogue, and raise awareness of underrepresented voices such as those of her patient collaborators in Desirable Dossiers (aka Healthcare through a data lens) a European Commission funded ICT-Art Connect project in 2014.

Desirable Dossiers

For Signature Print in 2017 she worked in India to research possible revitalisation of ancient craft techniques using bottom-up maker technology, inspired by data and automation, with and for the younger generation of craftspeople who can no longer earn a living from their family craft of block carving for textile printing.

Sonogram from Signature Print

She has been a speaker at the European Commission, Centre Pompidou (Vertigo STARTS days), MIT BioSummit 4.0, TodaysArt 2019, and residencies include TU Delft and Waag.

Speaking at Centre Pompidou Vertigo STARTS days