To use food as an artistic medium is somehow subversive but also inclusive. We are told from an early age “don’t play with your food!” but it’s something we all want to do – to share food brings people together. But it’s precarious medium too, fraught with dangers, it can harbour pathogens, allergens, or be used to conceal poisons – food can be deadly. The Department of Culinary Arts investigates this wealth of possibilities and uses food to engage the public in developing an understanding of some of these issues. “The Pathogenic Patisserie” is a cake shop filled with potential horrors, delicious concoctions that represent pathogenic bacteria and demonstrate issues around antibiotic misuse, infection control and normal flora. The artwork has been performed at Brighton Science Festival’s “Play with your food” event and the “Art and Medicine 2011” exhibition as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Making the Pathogenic Patisserie

Her work “You’re So Faddy”, an investigation of our personal relationships and issues with food, was created as part of ISEA 2014 in Dubai.

I Pray Each Day

Her most recent work focuses on innovative ways to explain medical concepts, such as “The Placentas”, which developed from a previous work “My Phantom Pregnancy”.

Mr Potatohead Experiments

She is also interested in Improvement Science and can often be found timing how long it will take you to make Mr Potato Head! Lucy has a degree in Medicine & Surgery and is a Member of the the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She is a member of the Health Foundation’s Q Community and had a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Leadership from Lancaster University.

Lucy McCabe