Dave Lawrence – Kryolab Performance

Dave Lawrence is interested in the ‘nature of sound (what is it really..?, are there any new sounds ?). His research studies and explores the nature of its ‘meaning’ – its own intrinsic meaning, and also the meaning to anyone that hears it.

In fact this is an art, and science, that goes back to ancient times; and although sound has attracted so much attention and played such a part in our history and development over the years and generations, its meaning is still a mystery. He loves sound, and is passionate about it but is yet to begin to understand it.

Arctic sound experiment

He carries out this research using traditional and non-traditional methodologies including performances, workshops, interactive/reactive installations, research paper publications, soundscape compositions, and instrument inventions.

Fieldwork is very important to the research, with ongoing ventures into the world around us. He works with scientists and other artists in many of his projects, as the collaborative approach really is crucial in these endeavours. Interaction and involvement of the public is also a very important element of the work. This is also the main portal for his research findings and evidence of experimentation. His work has previously been exhibited/presented in the UK, and across Europe in Germany, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Greece, and Denmark.