Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson is director of the Brighton Science Festival. As Head of Statistical Probability, his mission is to apply the rigorous rules of statistics to removing inaccuracy and exaggeration from the numbers around us, a task he will give himself to 110%.

Richard is author of 20 books, including “Why the Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down”. which was an international success. The follow-up,  “Why the One You Fancy Never Fancies You“, did less well, because nobody wanted to be found with that title in their bookshelves. His current work, ‘Are We Nearly Here Yet?’ is a history of the entire Universe, and the part You played in it. The book was made possible by two years of lockdown during the pandemic.

Richard  runs workshops and talks in schools, in which he encourages  the students to make mistakes, because mistakes are the portals to new solutions. New solutions are the path to new mistakes. The result is chaos, and from chaos mighty civilizations emerge.Richard’s motto is:
‘Two wrongs don’t make a right,
but two thousand wrongs
eventually might’.

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