12th Gaze” (1990), made using a PC computer, plotter, serigraphy and oil-on-canvas
dimensions: 124 x 142 cm

Originally a painter, Gordana Novakovic has been experimenting with digital technologies since the mid-1980s. For the last twenty years she has concentrated on developing interactive projects at the confluence of art, science and technology through extended interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists, composers, and technologists. As long-term artist-in-residence at the Computer Science department, University College London, she founded and curates the Tesla Art and Science discussion forum. She has received funding from a variety of organisations, and her work has been featured in many international exhibitions and conferences. Gordana is currently working on her concept of neuroplastic art, exploring the possibilities of new interactive art forms based around the emerging science of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to rapidly and radically reconfigure itself in response to novel sensory inputs.

“Fugue” detail