The act of stitching has become an enduring theme throughout Rosie Sedgwick’s life from a childhood interest in dressmaking and textiles to her work in medicine and psychiatry. It’s a means of joining things, themes, ideas, flesh – together and is a medium for both artistic and scientific practice. Her artworks focus on themes around psychiatric diagnoses.

Delusions of Grandeur

“Delusions of Grandeur”, is made of hospital gowns and bedsheets and represents the mental diagnosis of the same name, where patients experience “fixed, false beliefs, based on incorrect inference about external reality”.

Flight of Ideas

“Flight of ideas” is a participatory performance work which blurs the boundary between creative and pathological thought processes. A flight of ideas is defined as “a continuous stream of talk in which the person switches rapidly from one topic to another. They are usually based on discernible associations, distractions, stimulated by some environmental circumstance or each subject may be incoherent in a series of seemingly disorganised thought”.